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About Mozilla Thunderbird:

Mozilla Thunderbird is an open source and absolutely free of cost cross platform email, chat (Twitter, XMPP, IRC), news client, feed reader and was initially established by Mozilla Messaging in 2004 but today is properly known as Mozilla Foundation. Interestingly it has been developed for all OS like Windows, OS X, Linux.

Supports multiple identities within accounts. Features like Junk filtering, Extension, themes, Standard support are being updated by the team day by day. But Still there are some limitations of the Mozilla Thunderbird email client.

Mozilla Thunderbird Limitations

First of all, the most disappointed thing about the Thunderbird is that its GUI is as similar as its browser but it's not so good and user friendly as it could be.

Mozilla Thunderbird supports to configure account easily but when it comes about POP3 email storage or any offline email storage supports on local folder mode is 4GB only and if it exceeds then it can behave unexpectedly or your data can get corrupted. It can slow down the application too. Also in some cases issue related to overly-long filenames can also be experienced. For number of features which are provided by other email client easily here you find it difficult. You need to add extensions or add-ons like for calendar option and features you need to have a third-party tool.

Mozilla Thunderbird has color-tag but they are not shown at the left side navigation pane globally, during search and in quick filter option tag will help at that time only.

You have to search for every feature, which is really difficult task to do, users obviously want to have such kind of GUI that can make their task easier, no one will want to go for such kind of confusing application. No doubt Mozilla Thunderbird email client is better in its own ways. But these reasons can make you to switch from Mozilla Thunderbird app for more professionalism or for more user friendly email client. Spam handling is also poor. Also, attachments loading is not that up to mark, it shows attachments to be empty even if it was send with attachments.

If you want mails of Mozilla Thunderbird convert to any other format then you will have to use third party tool like Mozilla Thunderbird Mail Converter.

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Import/Export Mozilla Thunderbird

Import EML Files to Mozilla Thunderbird

It has two ways.

First method: Import EML Files to Mozilla Thunderbird by right clicking the folder to which import mails click 'ImportExportTools' » now choose import all messages from a directory » Click on Select Folder and browse folder containing .eml files.

Second method: Right click the folder to import mails in. Click 'ImportExportTools » import message choose the actual .eml files and then click 'Open' to complete the process.

Mozilla Thunderbird export email in .eml format i.e. Mozilla Thunderbird Mail export all emails with .eml extension files.

Import EML Files to Mozilla Thunderbird

There are two methods basically you can go for.

First Method: Launch Thunderbird » Select Mailbox » Select all emails with Ctrl + A » Use CTRL+S to save » Save all emails in desired folder.

Second Method: Before following the steps below, you need ImportExportTools add-on.

  • Right click on the Mailbox from the left-side navigation.
  • Click ImportExportTools option
  • Click on Export All Messages in the folder option
  • Select EML format.

Mozilla Thunderbird Email Converter

Despite of the fact that Mozilla Thunderbird is improving time to time users are switching from Mozilla Thunderbird email client to another email client like MS Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Eudora, Apple Mail, etc. as market is already full with number of email clients and with better features then Mozilla Thunderbird and also with better GUI.

A perfect tool is that which can act perfectly as Mozilla Thunderbird Migration Tool and as well as Mozilla Thunderbird Email Converter.

Mozilla Thunderbird Migration Tool

Tool which can convert all the Mozilla Thunderbird Mail Exported as .eml format to other email formats which can be supported by number of other email clients. Email formats which are supported by other email clients can be like:

  • MSG supports by Outlook.
  • PST which is support by MS Outlook 2016, 2013….
  • MBOX format support by email clients like mailboxes of Apple Mail, DreamMail, The Bat! etc
  • EMLX extension file of Mac OS X series
  • Pegasus, Eudora, etc. are the email clients which import/export mails in MBX format.

To migrate from Mozilla Thunderbird to all these email clients its necessary to convert all the emails in the supported Mail extension format. So use Mozilla Thunderbird Migration Tool.

Want extra feature of Mozilla Thunderbird convert to other formats like PDF, HTML, RTF formats too and looking for other tool? Mozilla Thunderbird Mail Converter tool will be the best solution for Mozilla Thunderbird Convert to PDF, HTML, RTF formats. Prefer the tool which can provide you the multiple file format conversions.

Mozilla Thunderbird Email Converter is the one definitely which convert all Mozilla Thunderbird Mail export in .eml format to further various formats. Its the combination of Mozilla Thunderbird Converter and Mozilla Thunderbird Migration Tool, you can try the free version to test the software which converts only 25 mails.

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A: If you are using POP3 account then you can collect saved data from the Local Profile Folder. But if you are using IMAP mail account you will have to sync all the subscribed folders, so that you can download the copies into Thunderbird Profile. After that you can follow the process of export Thunderbird mail process using ImportExporttools. Or you can also use MozBackup tool to make a copy of data.
A: Follow the steps given in Import / Export tab